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Today’s Motivation topic was inspired by “Tip Top.”

Never let anyone tell you its not possible because anyone can get there if they are determined enough.

I come from a city that gets overlooked all the time for the talent that truly lies within the heart of Newark,  but I use that as energy and feed off of it because I am determined to head to the Top and motivate others to do the same.

Determination comes from within yourself and I am determined to get 10000 downloads on limelinx for my  song called “Tip Top” I made a while back in March of 2010 …The song is about encouraging others to aim for the Top in everything you do and never settle for less.

“The Break Out” will be released July 31st..”Tip Top” is encouragement for all and the idea for the song hit me a while back as I was around a bunch of friends with negative energy..I took their energy and wrote a motivational song for all those who aren’t motivated..I am currently over 8000 downloads at the moment with this record and I continue to get more as time goes on.




Knew Era Goes Hard for Hip Hop

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Team(A)SAP artist Knew Era has joined the cast of ‘Go Hard For Hip Hop’, an online performance competition.

Visit, as well as to view Knew Era’s performance of “DO IT BIG” featuring P.Chase.

The artist with the most views, wins the contest. So please put this video on repeat so there will be  more performances from Knew Era.

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Team(A)SAP is proud to announce that its artist Knew Era‘s latest release featuring Wil EZ Tip Top has reached over 5,000 downloads!

Download Tip Top from Knew Era featuring Wil EZ

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Newark, NJ

Songwriter/Artist Knew Era supported a local Breast Cancer Awareness walk in downtown Newark, NJ on Sunday, May 30, 2010.

May is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and support groups encourage both men and women to get checkups regularly and to join fund raising efforts to help offer more surgical procedures to patients, producing more cancer survivors.

Team (A)SAP and everyone at Motivation Music support the fight against Breast Cancer.  For more information about this cause and how to support, visit the Sisters Network Inc site.